Match result: Unnamed 6/0

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Match result: Unnamed 6/0

Post by YEHO on Sun Mar 19, 2017 9:42 am

1v1 Rounds  B11 (2-5) Unnamed Win

2v2 Rounds  A13 (no cut) (0-5) Unnamed Win

3v3 TA  
TMN Bonus A-3 Top 3 times (EI 22.82; Unnamed 22.86; Unnamed 22.92) Unnamed Win

A07 Top 3 times (EI 26.43; Unnamed 26.46; Unnamed 26.61) Unnamed Win

TMN Bonus B-5 Top 3 times (EI 25.47; EI 25.57; Unnamed 25.59) EI Win

5v5 Rounds  C04 (no cut) (1-5) Unnamed Win

score 6-0 Unnamed Win


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