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Rules for the NTC Empty Rules for the NTC

Post by Admin on Sat Mar 04, 2017 9:25 pm

  1. Respect the other players and don't offend them! Otherwise you will be banned for the rest of the tournament.

  2. Every sunday evening (8-12pm CET) the new mappack and the clans which will compete against each other will be presented in the Thread Match Information (Week by Week) (

  3. You have around six days to train the mappack. The default time for matches is sunday 8 pm CET. The clans can decide on their own when they prefer to compete. If both clans are agreed the match can be held on any day in the week. It doesn't matter, as long the results of the matches are posted until 11:59 pm CET on monday. Use the Thread Match Arrangements ( for discussing and posting the results of the matches.

  4. The matches will be held in the form 1vs1 Team, 2vs2 Team, 3vs3 TA, 3vs3 TA, 3vs3 TA, 5vs5 Team, Decider 5vs5 Team.

    1v1 = 1 point, 2v2 = 1 point, best of 3x 3v3 = 2 points, 5v5 = 2 points, 6 points in total
    A Team has to win at least two maps in 3v3 to get 2 Points in TA.
    The decider map will be played if the points of both teams are equal after sixth map, but only in knockout stage. Group stage will be played without decider.

    Every match a clan will get points for the overall ranklist:
    Winner: 2 points
    Tie: 1 point
    Loss: 0 points

    The player who drives 1v1 is not allowed to drive 2v2 too!
    In Team mode one team wins with 5 points. The TA mode lasts 4min and to win one team has to end the map with at least two players in Top3. You have 2 min for warmup every map.

  5. All results and rankings will be listed in the Thread Tables and Results (

  6. At the end of the groupstage the first 3 clans of every group join the knockout stage.
    The quarter-final matches are:
    Match 1: 2nd of Group A vs. 3rd of Group B and Match 2: 3rd of Group A vs 2nd of Group B.

    The following week the semi-finals matches are:
    Match 3: 1st of Group A vs. Winner of Match 2 and Match 4: 1st of Group B vs. Winner of Match 1.

    Finals (1st of both groups):
    Winner of Match 3 vs Winner of Match 4.

  7. Prices: 1st 50%, 2nd 30%, 3rd/4th each 10% out of 80k coppers.


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