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Mappool for NTC Empty Mappool for NTC

Post by Admin on Wed Mar 15, 2017 7:39 am


here i post the mappool, if someone wonders which maps can be played during ntc. I created the lists with Storm!Universal. Then we have JaV who programmed a tool to generate random maps for each week.
A map will only appear once in the tournament, so i cross them out every week.

1v1    2v2    5v5    TA    
TMN Bonus A-3    TMN Pro Race A-2    TMN Pro Race A-0    TMN Bonus A-0    
TMN Bonus A-8    TMN Pro Race A-6    TMN Pro Race A-1    TMN Bonus A-3    
TMN Bonus B-5    TMN Race D-2    TMN Race E-0    TMN Bonus A-7    
TMN Race E-0    TMN Race E-0    TMN Race E-7    TMN Bonus A-8    
Stadium B1    TMN Race F-2    TMN Race F-2    TMN Bonus B-4    
Stadium B4    TMN Race G-6    TMN Race G-6    TMN Bonus B-5    
Stadium C5    TMN Race H-1    Stadium C4    TMN Bonus B-6    
Stadium A5    Stadium C4    Stadium D2    TMN Bonus B-8    
Starstadium B4    Stadium D2    Stadium D4    TMN Bonus B-9    
Starstadium D1    Starstadium B4    Starstadium C2    TMN Race C-0    
Starstadium D4    Starstadium C1    Starstadium C3    TMN Race C-4    
B05    Starstadium D2    Starstadium D2    TMN Race C-9    
B11    Starstadium D4    Starstadium D3    TMN Race D-2    
C08    A13 (No Cut)    Starstadium D4    TMN Race D-9    
C13    B05    A13 (No Cut)    TMN Race F-4    
D03    B10    B05    TMN Race F-5    
D04    B11    B10    TMN Race F-6    
   B14    B14    Stadium A1    
   C01    B15    Stadium A4    
   C07    C01    Stadium A5    
   C13    C04    Starstadium A1    
   D04    C06    Starstadium A3    
   D09    D08    Starstadium A4    
   D10 (No Cut)    D09    Starstadium B5    
   E01    D10 (No Cut)    Starstadium C1    
   E05 (Single Lap)    E05 (Single Lap)    A02    
         A12 (No Cut)    
         A13 (No Cut)    


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